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Systems & Service Improvement - Proactive,  Practiced,  Precise.


As part of their continuous improvement to processes and systems, companies will want to maximise the benefits arising from their investment in information technology. 

The CFO's main focus may be a quantifiable financial return on that investment, the CIO will be keen to ensure that the company’s information technology investments are aligned with its strategic business objectives, whilst the CEO's objectives typically encompass increased efficiency, profitablity and growth driven by effective, secure and fit for purpose IT solutions. 

Although this may appear a simplistic overview, the importance of continuous systems and service improvement should not be understated. 

WASP Consulting provides a range of Systems & Service Improvement offerings for the insurance sector that includes:

  • Systems Healthcheck & Appraisal - WASP's skilled consultants conduct an objective and independent review of your IT systems to measure the effectiveness of the delivered functionality.  The detailed appraisal allows the board to make a considered judgement of the company's systems and keep/upgrade/replace as desired.
  • Technical Review & Evaluation.  As the insurance sector evolves and methods of transacting business change, so the supporting technology may also be subject to change. WASP's Technical Review & Evaluation examines the existing IT infrastructure to identify  areas for improvement, technology that may be superceded, is no longer fit for purpose or future proof. 
  • Business Process Improvement, which identifies improvements to the processes used to manage the company's insurance operation, its underlying IT systems and the specialist skills required to support this vital service.

For further details of our Systems & Service Improvement offerings or to find out how WASP Consulting can add value to your ongoing continuous process improvement, please ring 020 7283 0088 or complete our Contact Form for a quick response.

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