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Systems Review & Selection - Innovative, Effective, Efficient.

WASP Consulting has a pre-eminent reputation within the UK insurance industry for its range of Systems Review & Selection services, tailored to each client's specific and strategic needs. These services assist the insurance organisation define its strategy, operations, paramaters and priorities to:

  • identify weaknesses, shortfalls and exposure within their current IT systems,
  • quantify the value and status of each of their software solutions,
  • identify existing, new and emerging software solutions that may be suitable for the organisation,
  • realise how IT can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation and contribute to the success of the company.
WASP does not build or sell software and has no commercial association with any vendor - this ensures the services provided to clients are always independent, unbiased and impartial.

Our Systems Review & Selection Practice offers the following added value services:

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Enterprise System Review

  • Systems Evaluation & Selection
  • Contracts Negotiation & Procurement.

WASP Consulting is unique in this specialist field and can bring significant 'real world' experience and comprehensive, detailed knowledge of the insurance sector and software vendor marketplace.  

For further details of our Systems Evaluation & Selection services or to enquire how WASP Consulting can add tangible, quantifiable benefit to your strategic systems evaluation, please ring 020 7283 0088 or send an enquiry using our Contact Form

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