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Supplier & Insurance Software Research

WASP's own qualitative research includes a review and independent, unbiased appraisal of the insurance administration software solutions that are installed, marketed to or supported in the UK. This unique research covers software suppliers from across the globe, including the UK, America, India and Europe.

From this extensive research, WASP Consulting maintains a comprehensive database of more than 300 software products across the General Insurance, Lloyd's and London Market, Individual Life & Pensions, Group Pensions and Health sectors. This reference work is used extensively and exclusively within our client projects, specifically during Systems Evaluation & Selection projects.

Market Metrics & Analytics

To facilitate our work with Insurance Clients, WASP Consulting carries out unique, in-depth and market respected Insurance Market Metrics & Analytics research.  This research addresses key aspects specifically relating to insurance such as markets, products, issues, IT and Systems Solutions. Whilst we do not sell our Market Metrics & Analytics, this valuable information can be utilised (without specific charge) in our diverse client assignments. Our research not only increases the continually growing range and scope of our work with Insurers and Brokers but it also adds unique input and value to our clients’ projects in these areas. 

The majority of our research is self funded, although some specific research projects are sponsored by or carried out on behalf of individual clients.

Market Metrics & Analytics projects undertaken by WASP include:

  • Claims Management Systems for General Insurance
  • Insurance Software Acquisition
  • Anti Fraud detection software/solutions
  • Rating Engines
  • FSA Compliance, Reports and Procedures
  • Procurement, Contracts and SLA's
  • Testing Procedures
  • IT Departmental Costs and Budgets Analysis
  • Wealth Management systems.
  • IT Governance


To discuss our research projects in more detail, or to discover how WASP's Research Practice can help you to strategise and grow your business, please complete the Contact Form or telephone us on 020 7283 0088.

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